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AOSEPT PLUS with Hydraglyde

AOSEPT PLUS with Hydraglyde

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Expiry 08/2025

AO Sept is a powerful contact lens cleaning solution, that is ideal for both soft contacts (including silicon hydrogel) and rigid gas permeable contact lenses (including Ortho-k varieties).

Product Description

  • Powerful lens cleaning solution with a special Triple Action Deep cleaning process with hydrogen peroxide.
  • Removes dirt, impurities and deposits, and enhances protein removal on the surface of contact lenses.
  • Hydraglide Moisture Matrix lens case improves the comfort of the lens by helping it maintain moisture.
  • Soak for 6 hours.
  • No additional rinsing of lenses are needed.

How does it work?

AO Sept uses a special Triple Action Deep cleaning process that dissolves dirt, impurities, and deposits, and enhances protein removal, as well as having a thorough disinfection ability. The Hydraglide Moisture Matrix improves the comfort of the lens by helping it maintain moisture when used either throughout the day or during sleep (for Ortho-K wearers). AO Sept works by containing a solution termed hydrogen peroxide which works to dissolve impurities on the lenses. After 6 hours, the hydrogen peroxide solution within the unique AO Sept lens case converts into a neutral solution and is now safe for the eyes. The lens case provided with the AO Sept Optometry Pack is unique as it contains special reagents that help activate the neutralization process once hydrogen peroxide is placed inside.

How do I use AO Sept?

  • Before handling contact lenses, ensure that your hands are washed and clean. Remove the lenses from your eyes and place them within the AO Sept case.
  • The case container should be filled up with AOSept solution (the hydrogen peroxide) up to the indicated line. The lid with the lenses should then be screwed onto the container case.
  • The case should then be left upright for at least 6 hours so that the solution can clean the lenses and appropriately neutralize. It is important that the lens case is placed upright for the neutralization process to work, as oxygen gas is given off through the holes in the lid.
  • Keep the case, as it is neutralizing, at room temperature.
  • After 6 hours have passed, it is then safe for the contact lens to be placed directly into the eye. There is no need for additional rinsing or cleaning of the lenses. By then, the hydrogen peroxide would have completely neutralized to water.

What happens when it gets into my eye?

If the AO Sept solution, straight from the bottle, has gotten directly in your eye, then it may sting and hurt a lot. This is because hydrogen peroxide is a weak acid solution, and acts as a mild antiseptic to cleanse the lenses. If the AOSept solution comes in contact with your eyes, then immediately irrigate and rinse your eyes with running sterile water. Ideally, you should use sterile saline, or a multi-purpose contact lens cleaning solution as they are free of microorganisms. Water is not an ideal solution to be used to irrigate the eye.
Once you have irrigated your eye, a book to see your optometrist ensures that no important structures have been damaged and your vision is still intact. Whilst these are precautionary measures, AO Sept is very unlikely to do any lasting, permanent damage to the eyes or to vision.

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  1. Grant Brachmais

    My experience at Eyecare Network was a very pleasant one.
    From the moment I walked in to receiving my glasses the staff treated me with exceptional professional service.
    There attention to detail and making sure I was buying the best glasses that only were affordable to.my budget but also looked good on me.
    The right glasses can build your confidence and self esteem.
    Thank you the team at Eyecare Network for making this experience so enjoyable.
    Grant Brachmais

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