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Menicon Progent

Menicon Progent



  • Used to clean RGP or orthokeratology contact lenses.
  • Removal and loosening of protein deposits on contact lenses.
  • Kills microorganisms including bacteria, moulds, yeasts and acanthamoeba.
  • Menicon Progrent comes in 7 treatments, which last for 7 months.
  • To use, mix Progent A and Progent B together and soak lenses for 1 hour.
  • Use monthly to ensure lenses are thoroughly disinfected and cleaned.
  • Do not soak for more than 1 hour.

What is progent and what is it used for?

Progent is used to clean rigid gas permeable or orthokeratology contact lenses. Mucins and proteins naturally produced by the eyes form deposits on the surface of contact lenses over time. This can lead to decreased comfort with prolonged wear and ultimately impact visual clarity.

Soaking the lenses in the Progent solution allows for proteins deposited on the surface of the lenses to loosen and be removed. This provides a deep clean for rigid gas permeable lenses without the need of rubbing the lenses. Progent also disinfects the lenses to ensure they are safe from microorganisms likely to contaminate contact lenses, including bacteria, moulds, yeasts and acanthamoeba. This prolongs the life of the lenses, allows eye health to be maintained and ensures that the lenses are comfortable to wear.

Menicon Progent comes with 7 treatments, containing 7 pairs of Progent A and B

How does progent work?

Sodium Hypoclorite (NaClO) found in Progent A is used as a disinfectant or bleaching agent for the lenses. This ensures that the lenses are safe from lens contaminating microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and yeasts, which lead to contact lens eye infections. Potassium Bromide (KBr) found in Progent B is a strong oxidant. Hence, a combination of sodium hypochlorite and potassium bromide will result in an oxidation-reduction reaction that promotes removal of proteins from the surface of contact lenses.

Studies have shown that Menicon Progent is highly effective in killing bacteria, fungi and yeasts, including Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans, after just 5 minutes soaking time.

How do I use progent?

  1. Before handling contact lenses, ensure that your hands are thoroughly washed, cleaned and dried.
  2. Remove the lenses (either from the case or your eyes) and place them into the appropriate lens holder cap (labelled right or left) in the provided vial.
  3. Open a single dose of Menicon Progent A and B by gently twisting the cap; holding it upright to prevent spillage of the solution. Carefully empty the contents of each into the vial.
  4. Close the lens holder cap securely on the vial and gently shake a few times to ensure the Progent A and B are mixed together.
  5. Soak the lenses in Menicon Progent for one hour.
  6. Remove the lens holder cap, being careful not to spill the solution. Rinse the lenses in the holder with saline solution.
  7. Remove the lenses from the lens holder cap and again rinse with Menicare Plus solution then saline solution.
  8. Place the lenses into their storage case and soak with Menicare Plus solution to neutralise the lenses.
  9. Dispose of used Menicon Progent solution carefully. Wash the vial and lens holder cap with soap and water, then rinse with saline solution and allow case to air dry.

Progent should be used monthly to ensure the lenses are thoroughly disinfected and cleaned so that they are comfortable to wear. The lenses should not be soaked in the Progent solution for more than an hour as this can discolour and weaken the lenses, which make them prone to breakage.


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