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The effects of a digital world

Have you found your eyes to be extremely tired after a day of working on the computer? Or even at night when you have scrolled through an infinite number of posts throughout the day? You might have digital eye strain! 

Digital eye strain is a physical eye discomfort caused by prolonged and particularly close up viewing of digital devices. This can lead to symptoms such as blurred vision, headaches, fatigue or dry/burning/red eyes, where the severity of these symptoms varies depending on how much time is spent on digital devices.

Digital devices emit blue-violet light that can cause eye strain and discomfort, which has also been linked to disrupted sleeping patterns. With an increasing digital lifestyle, this puts stress on our visual system, reduces blink rate and can lead one to experience one or more digital eye strain symptoms, as our eyes are focusing more intensely and repeatedly to adjust between the switching of devices. 

Here are some tips we have for reducing digital eye strain:

  • Blue light filter lenses to reduce blue light from digital devices
  • Lenses with a ‘boost’ at the bottom to reduce eye strain when using digital devices up close
  • Eye drops to keep your eyes lubricated and comfortable

If a digital lifestyle sounds like yours, you can contact us on 9728 7288 to speak to one of our lovely optometrists to see which option is best for you

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