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Red eye and trauma

The treatment for red eye concerning a history of trauma may change the way the optometrist may direct the consultation. Any sort of pain and discomfort, accompanied by a history of a foreign body or object entering the eye is a cause of higher concern. These foreign bodies or assaults may be a punch to the face, flying metal, wood chips, larger dust particles etc. It is important in these cases that you have your eyes examined by your optometrist as soon as possible. 

If you recently have splashed a chemical in your eye, either from cleaning detergent and liquids, car battery acids, cement dust, pool cleaner or other highly concentrated solutions it is HIGHLY important that you immediately flush the eye with CONTINUOUS FLOWING water or saline. For an alkaline solution like sodium hydroxide, ammonia, cement dust and line, Draino, caustic soda, flush the eye for 1 HOUR. For acid solutions like sulfuric, sulphorous, hydrochloric, acetic acids, car battery acids, and pool cleaner, irrigate the eye for 30 MINUTES. A chemical burn may result in permanent loss of vision. After immediate flushing, visit your optometrist on an urgent basis. 

If you have a red eye, and are concerned about your vision, our optometrists are available MONDAY – FRIDAY 10AM to 6:30PM, SATURDAY 9:30AM to 4:30PM, and SUNDAY 11AM to 3:30PM. Call us on 9728 7288.

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