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Nova Tears

Nova Tears


Another option for dry eye disease patients is the preservative-free, phosphate-free and water-free formula of Nova Tears. This form of medication not only helps with evaporative dry eye (which is the most common form of dry eye disease) but also works well with complementary eye massages and fish oil capsules, to help with meibomian gland dysfunction where there is a blockage of the gland orifice or a change in consistency of the sebum resulting in eye dry symptoms!

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A new option for patients with dry eyes!

Commercialised within Australasia and listed on the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme since September 2018, the Nova Tears is a new preservative-free formula that is long lasting and spreads over the ocular surface easily. It provides prompt relief without burning, blurring or stinging. One drop is able to immediately stabilise the lipid layer without significant side effects. The impact of the formula was clinically validated in four clinical trials, with various tests including tear break up time, corneal and conjunctival fluorescein staining and meibomian gland and meibum quality improvement used to measure the efficacy of the drops.

An innovative lipid based formula

Nova Tears is a lipid-based formula, opposed to a water-based formula. It beneficially means that no microbial growth is possible in the solution, and hence the delivery of preservative-free drops is possible.

Other benefits of Nova Tears

Apart from being preservative-free, phosphate-free and water-free, Nova Tears also have a smaller droplet size, which is about 4 times smaller than conventional eye droppers. This helps with minimising spill over and each drop uses less of the product. You may use the product for 6 months after opening.


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