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General eye strain

Eye strain is a condition that occurs when the eyes feel tired or fatigued after extended periods of focus. Eye strain may occur after a long time using the phone or computer, watching TV, reading, concentrating on near work, or driving long distances with minimal breaks in between. 

Eye strain commonly poses symptoms such as tiredness and soreness of the eyes, itching, burning or dryness and wateryness. Blurring of vision and double vision may also occur. A headache and muscles aches concerning the shoulders and neck may also accompany symptoms with the eyes. Eye strain has true potential in hindering one’s work productivity, whether that be working or studying and it is important to reduce these symptoms for increased comfort. 

Your optometrist is able to help with alleviating the symptoms of eye strain. A pair of reading or driving glasses (or multifocals) is the most viable option to help with reducing eye strain. This can be easily prescribed by your optometrist and customised with the help of trained dispensers. Eye exercises may also help with the extraocular muscles surrounding the ocular orbit. Adjusting and brightening lighting conditions at home and workplace is also helpful with reducing eye strain. Further, cancelling blue light from technological devices using a blue blocking pair of glasses, or putting an anti-glare/yellow filter over screens is beneficial. 

Overall, the best method of treatment for eye strain is to give your eyes appropriate and significant rest times. Make sure to take a break between periods of screen time and work! 

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