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Contact Lens Fit

Who else is enjoying the warmer weather?
The whole team at Eyecare Network is excited for summer and that means spending more time outdoors, at the beach, going on hikes and much more. Sometimes wearing glasses becomes a hindrance when it comes to outdoor activities.

Haven’t got contact lenses for the summer yet? Don’t go buying them off the internet! It’s not as simple as that. Here’s why it’s best to get your contact lenses professionally fitted by an optometrist:

  1. The optometrist will ensure your prescription is up to date. Wearing an incorrect prescription can lead to eye strain or blurry vision. AND your prescription for contact lenses is slightly different from your prescription for glasses!
  2. Correct fit provides comfort and safety. Different contact lenses vary in sizes and hence fits differently on everyone’s eye. Just because a specific brand fits well on your friend doesn’t mean it’ll fit well on you! Wearing a tight contact lens long term can deprive your eyes of oxygen and lead to permanent damage.
  3. Ensure correct insertion and removal technique. Unfortunately, buying contact lenses online doesn’t come with instructions of how to safely insert and remove contacts.
  4. Contact lens suited for your eye’s state and condition. An optometrist will choose the best contact lens in the market to meet your needs and lifestyle.

Don’t wait! Get contact lens ready now! Get summer ready before it’s over!

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