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12 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us For Your Eyecare Needs

At Eyecare Network, we value the highest quality of vision care for our patients. We value ensuring that your eye-related demands are met, including but not limited to, your ocular health, spectacle correction and overall experience in-store.

Here is a list of 12 reasons why new patients should choose us for eyecare:

  1. Eyecare Network is centrally located within Western Sydney, in the cultural hub of Canley Heights . Our optometrists and staff are all fluent in English and Vietnamese , with some speakers of Mandarin, Cantonese and Teochew. We find that our bilinguality makes for easy communication with patients, especially with our elderly community.
  2. We love to give back to our community, locally and abroad. With each pair of spectacles purchased at Eyecare Network, we donate $5 to the Australian Health and Humanitarian Aid (AHHA). In developing countries, $5 is simply enough to fund an eye exam and a pair of glasses, and fundamentally gives sight to someone who has no access to eyecare services.
  3. We value building a relationship and rapport with our patients . Our dispensers and optometrists are friendly to deal with, genuine and honest with our interactions.
  4. Our team at Eyecare Network is young and energetic . Our dispensers and optometrists have over 100 years of combined experience. We are excited to help you with any problem that is present!
  5. Our team prides ourselves on our ability to solve problems for patients . Behind the scenes we have a very thorough and meticulous process for processing glasses, and it is of high importance to us that our recommendations are best suited to the patient’s needs.
  6. We do not value upselling. Rather, we value what is best for you and your visual needs .
  7. Our store is always stocked up with authentic luxury brands like Prada, Gucci, Bvlgari, Rayban, Tiffany and Co, Dolce and Gabbana, Chloe, Salvatore Ferragamo and many others. We always have stock rotating and we select the newest seasonal releases for our patients.
  8. Our practice is equipped with the latest equipment and technology to detect even the smallest of diseases. Our Ocular Coherence Tomographer, Humphrey Visual Field examination, and Axial Length scanner, Retinal Photographer, Corneal Topographer and Optical Biometry and Pachymetry are used to detect and diagnose any condition before a patient experiences symptoms!
  9. Our eye examinations across our 4 optometrists – Michael, Hanh, Jenny and Anna – are consistent and thorough ! Our optometrists test first for visual acuity with the chart as well as an ocular health examination with the dilation of the eyes. We will also screen patients for particular diseases with our machines, considering the age and additional riskfactors of the patient.
  10. We are a myopia control practice , offering a wide range of options for managing the progression of myopia in young children. Higher levels of myopia are associated with higher risks of eye disease later in life. To us, it is of utmost importance that myopia is appropriately managed to prevent sight-threatening conditions later on.
  11. At Eyecare Network, we understand that some patients work later in the day on weekdays, and so we are closed later in the evening to cater for these patients. Additionally, we are also open 7 days a week , and closed only on public holidays.
  12. Outside of work hours, we have an active social media account that regularly updates for newest stock that have come in store, eye tips and general information about eyecare!
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