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Sync III

In a world that relies heavily on digital communications and technology, we are constantly spending more time in front of digital screens. Little do we know, the dynamics and different features of the screen produces an increased work load for our eyes.

Research has shown that spending more time on screens equate to a prolonged period of sustained focusing for the near, reduced blinking rate and excessive exposure to blue light, bringing about symptoms of digital eye strain (DES).

Yes, it’s a thing!
Symptoms of DES can present themselves in only two hours and may include irritated eyes, blurred vision and headaches.

To combat this, HOYA has designed a lens specifically to offset the symptoms of DES. The Dynamic Sync III is ideal for individuals who spend two or more hours a day focusing on digital screens. It is also beneficial to people focused on near sighted tasks.

The Sync III lenses have the distance power for everyday use and a “boost zone” at the bottom of the lens. The boost zone helps the eye muscles tor relax and focus more easily, enhancing visual comfort during prolonged screen time.

Relieve yourself of digital eye strain. Your eyes will thank you for it.

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