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Safety Goggles

Did you know 6% of cases brought to Australian hospitals are due to sport or work related eye injuries?!
These eye injuries can lead to loss of vision and permanent damage to the eye, and this is all easily preventable by wearing the correct safety glasses!

Why is eye protection necessary?
It is all about prevention. Work-related injuries such as chemical splashes, and metal or wood debris flying into the eye can be avoided if the proper safety glasses are worn.

Legislation advises that approved safety glasses or eye protection must be worn in a wide variety of workplace environments. Statistics show that despite such requirements, in 2002 there were 6435 claims for eye injury compensation in Australia.

You can get your safety glasses at Eyecare Network.

We provide a whole range of safety glasses that meet the Australian Standards for different work environments. The prescription lenses we fit (yes, they come in prescription lenses!), conform to tests for impact resistance and suitability for specific applications. They even come with a certificate to show that they meet all the standards for safety eyewear.
Don’t allow any preventable accident to occur to you, or someone you love!

Book your eye health examination today, and let our highly trained professionals fit you for safety eyewear, as it’s always better to be safe, than sorry!