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Lacritec Dry Eye Supplement – 200 Capsules

Lacritec Dry Eye Supplement – 200 Capsules



  • Supplementation for patients with dry eye.
  • Helps with reduction of stinging, burning, and dry eye discomfort.
  • Made of blend of omega fatty acids including flax seed, fish oil and borage oil.
  • Help to increase quality of tear film.
  • Maximum results achieved 30-60 days of uninterrupted daily use.
  • 200 capsules economy pack, or 60 capsules option.
  • Take 3-2 capsules daily with meals.


Lacritec is a supplementary formulation devised for patients with dry eye and contact lens wearers. It works to reduce the stinging, burning and discomfort of dry eyes, by helping to increase tear production and quality by reducing tear film surface tension. The ingredients of the Lacritec formulation also work to reduce lacrimal gland inflammation.

Features and benefits

Lacritec delivers a proprietary blend of omega fatty acids which are beneficial for tear film stability and maintaining moisture on the ocular surface. These omega fatty acids (DHA, EPA and ALA) are sourced from a combination of flaxseed, fish oil and borage oil. Most importantly, the unique omega fatty acid, Gamma Linolenic Acid, sourced from borage oil, is especially potent in combating the symptoms of the dry eye! Its supplementation within the Lacritec capsules helps to overcome the fact that it cannot be easily obtained from diet alone!

Lacritec works to target the root causes of dry eye by working from the inside out. Over time, it may even replace the need for moisturizing eye drops, which provide only temporary relief. Maximum results are typically experienced within 30-60 days of uninterrupted daily use. In a clinical trial testing the efficacy of the Lacritec supplementation, it was found that amongst 209 Lacritec patients, 100% noted significant symptom improvement and a halving of their eye drop usage after 6 weeks.

Who benefits most from Lacritec?

Lacritec Dry Eye Relief Capsules are ideal for patients with ongoing dry eye symptoms, contact lens wearers, continuous exposure to air conditioning and air travel, patients with eye strain, and patients who have previously undergone ocular procedures such as laser eye surgery.

200 capsules or 60 capsules?

At Eyecare Network, we stock Lacritec supplementation with either 200 capsules or 60 capsules. The recommended dosage includes:

  • Initially - 3 capsules daily, ideally taken with meals for the first 6 weeks.
  • Ongoing - 2 capsules daily, ideally taken with meals and split between morning and afternoon.


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