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Hylo-Forte Eye Drops

Hylo-Forte Eye Drops



  • Preservative and phosphate-free
  • Highly viscous formula provides long-lasting, intensive and soothing relief for severe or chronic dry eye without blurring vision
  • Sterile delivery with unique COMOD multi-dose application system
  • Compatible with all contact lenses
  • Suitable for post-operative use
  • Delivers at least 300 drops
  • Use within 6 months after opening

Recommended eye drop for dry eyes and for use with Orthokeratology lenses. Use as recommended by your Optometrist!


The Hylo-Forte and Hylo-Fresh are both preservative-free and phosphate-free lubricating eye drops that can be used to relieve dry eye symptoms.

What’s the difference between Hylo-Forte and Hylo-Fresh eye drops?

Hylo-Forte eye drops contain a higher concentration of sodium hyaluronate (2mg/ml) compared to Hylo-fresh eye drops (1mg/ml). This results in a more viscous and thicker solution that provides long-lasting, intensive and soothing relief for severe or chronic dry eye. In comparison, Hylo-Fresh drops provide long-lasting lubrication for persistent or moderate dry eye.

Both Hylo-Forte and Hylo-Fresh eye drops are suitable for post-operative use.

It has a unique delivery system!

The eye drop bottle uses a multi-dose, airless, COMOD (Continuous Mono-Dose) pump system without the use of filters, which can become contaminated with bacteria over time. The multiple check valve system controlling the delivered dosage, including one made of antibacterial silver, ensures that the eye drops are protected from contaminated air from the external environment so they remain sterile for up to 6 months without the use of preservatives. The COMOD system also allows at least 300 sterile drops to be delivered without product wastage.

Go preservative-free!

Hylo-Forte and Hylo-Fresh eye drops are preservative-free and are ideal for patients who use eye drops daily or those with allergies to certain preservatives, such as benzalkonium chloride, which can exacerbate dry eye symptoms.

Preservatives are often used in many multi-dose eye drops to ensure they remain sterile and can be used without the risk of inflammation of the eye. However, studies have shown that preservatives can cause dose-dependent toxic effects that can reduce tear film stability and cause damage to the cornea and conjunctiva. This can lead to symptoms such as stinging, burning and dryness. Preservatives in eye drops are also associated with allergic reactions, especially with repeated, long-term use.

Benzalkonium chloride, a common preservative found in lubricating eye drops, is a substance also used in disinfectants. Eye drops with benzalkonium chloride can disrupt the tear film as it has a ‘detergent effect’ on the tear film’s lipid layer. The lipid layer is responsible for providing a smooth surface for the cornea that minimises evaporation of tears. Hence, damage to this layer can cause the excessive evaporation of tears and enhance dry eye symptoms.

Go phosphate-free!

Hylo-Forte and Hylo-Fresh eye drops are phosphate-free to prevent the risk of corneal calcification and opacification over time.

Eye drops often contain a phosphate buffer solution to ensure that the eye drops have a safe and tolerable pH value during the period they are used. However, studies have shown that frequent use of eye drops with phosphates can lead patients to develop permanent corneal opacities, especially if their cornea has been damaged prior or they have had recent eye surgery or injury. As calcium is naturally present in the cornea, the presence of phosphates causes the calcium to react with the phosphates to form crystals in the eye, which eventually leads to the formation of corneal calcifications. Studies have also shown that the use of eye drops containing phosphates can double the risk of corneal opacification in patients experiencing chemical eye burns.

They are suitable for all contact lenses!

Hylo-Forte and Hylo-Fresh eye drops contain high molecular weight sodium hyaluronate. The viscoelastic properties of sodium hyaluronate allows the tear film to be restored without the blurring of vision, which makes it compatible with all contact lenses. This allows contact lenses to remain moist and comfortable on the eye during the period it is worn


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