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Frame Adjustments

Here are four reasons why you should keep your glasses adjusted!

  1. A professional glasses adjustment will present you from being tempted to do so yourself! After a few months the way your glasses fit may start to change. The earpieces (temples) may not wrap around your ears as nicely as they used to and they can start to slide down. Please do not attempt to fix them yourself as you could break the frame and void your warranty.
  2. A good fit will ensure optimal vision through the glasses! If your glasses are constantly sliding down or off, adjusting them will ensure they are sitting correctly on your nose! This is particularly important for multifocal and extended focus lens wearers due to its lens design.
  3. Glasses that fit well last longer! When your glasses are too loose, they fall off and may even break. Keeping your glasses adjusted is one way to take care of them.
  4. Great fitting glasses = comfy glasses. This is the most important reason as this will prevent your glasses from sliding down, digging into your nose bridge, pinching your ears or too much pressure on your temples!

Glasses are feeling a little loose now? Our friendly team is here to help! Pop by and get them adjusted.

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