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A persistent dry eye is annoying and affects my day to day

A dry eye can sometimes feel like the eye is constantly tired. It can wear the individual out as the only relief sometimes seems to close the eyes. It is a  common condition and is caused by the eye not producing enough moisture. Some patients may complain of symptoms including a gritty eye, ocular irritation and stinging, but not strictly, pain. At times, rubbing the eye might feel like a viable option too, to help spread moisture across the ocular surface. However, whatever relief you find, without proper optometrist-advised treatment, may be temporary as symptoms may persist again. 

You might find that dry eye arises when you wear contact lenses for prolonged periods of time, have extended exposure to aircon/heating, overuse  technological devices like phones and computers, prescription drugs (with preservatives), LASIK and old age. 

Treatment for dry eye includes addressing the problem behind what is actually causing it. Your optometrist can provide artificial tear supplements to replace your tears. This involves giving the ocular surface a surge of moisture to help with symptoms of grittiness. Treating dry eye might also mean treating underlying meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). Treating MGD may help the eyes to produce a stable tear film naturally again. This can be done with regular lid hygiene and warm compresses. Other natural remedies include keeping hydrated with water, having lots of omega-3 fatty acids from oily fish, and eating green leafy vegetables, seeds and nuts in everyday diet. 

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