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Caring for your glasses

Your glasses are a significant investment in correcting your vision, you’ve also spent not just money on them, but also your time in carefully selecting the correct frame for you and your personality!

Let us give you some handy tips so you can get the longest possible lifetime out of your glasses!

  • First thing you should always remember, is to carry your prescription glasses and sunglasses in the case provided when you purchase them.
  • Remember to take their glasses off with both hands, by doing this it assists in maintaining the original shape of the frame.
  • Don’t wear your glasses on top of your head! This will also alter the original shape of the frame.
  • NEVER place your glasses lens down on a surface, this can easily result in scratched lenses which will not do any favors for your vision.
  • Keep an eye on the screws that keep your frame together, if the arms or any component of the frame starts to become loose, visit Eyecare Network for an adjustment! Our professional optometrists and optical dispensers can service your glasses any time you need! We will always make sure that your glasses are in top shape, and also will give them a deep clean when necessary.
  • Make sure you take plenty of care when you clean your glasses, as too much force can easily distort the shape or bend the frames or nose pads. If anything like this occurs, do not attempt to fix the problem yourself, but visit Eyecare Network, as our staff have all the necessary tools and experience to do a safer and professional job.
  • Make sure that you clean your glasses regularly with your microfiber cloth and glasses lens spray. Wipe your lenses dry with your lens cloth or use a soft, unscented tissue to remove any excess off of your lenses. Still unsure how to clean your glasses properly? Head over to our Instagram page for a helpful video on the proper steps.
  • Scuffed and scratched lenses make it tough to see clearly through your glasses. If your glasses become scratched, the best thing to do is to visit Eyecare Network for professional advice surrounding the best option for you.

    Remember these tips and your glasses will last for a long time.

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